YouTube’s new feature will now display comment history of users as well

Creator Insider recently revealed about a soon to be launched profile card by YouTube that will display the comment history of users. Now YouTube commenters will be exposed on their loyalty to the channels or their trolling comments on the videos. According to Tom Leung (the Director of Product Management at YouTube), a new feature named as Profile cards is under testing phase. Leung shared updates and developments with the YouTubers to aware them prior to the changes.

The profile cards would appear whenever YouTube creator will click on the commenter’s name and the profile card would show all the recent comments made by the commenter on the channel. Usually, whenever creators clicked on commenter’s name, they were directed towards the channel page of the commenter but not anymore. Although YouTube creator can see the history of comments made by the same commenter on their videos but still these profile cards don’t display any valuable information about the person behind the comment. Whenever creators used to click on commenter they were redirected to the out of date or completely unrelated profiles of that user but now with the new profile card, YouTube creator after clicking on commenter name will be enabled with information of recent comments made by the same user on its channel over the past 12 months.

YouTube creator will only have access to comment history of comments that the user left on its channel and not of other channels. So this means, this profile card will give creator information related to comment history of users on their channel only and this feature is quite similar to the feature of Reddit where each user has its own complete comment history available.

The aim behind this new feature is to give creators a sense of what kind of feedback the user is leaving on the creator’s channel and it is an attempt to create a strong relation of creators with its best users and also help to detect the worst commenters or their behavior as well.

With this new feature, the video creator would be enabled to make more informed decisions on whether to allow comments from the same users or to make it hidden. If the comments left by users are usually helpful then creator would eventually add that user in the list of ‘approved users’ to automatically publish its comments.

Personalized Messages for Subs and Profile Cards Experiments

If you’re thinking that with profile card you won’t have access to commenter’s YouTube channel then you’re wrong. The new profile card would also include a link to redirect to commenter’s YouTube channel.

For now, we are not sure about the number of users this new feature is getting tested on but the feedback received looks quite promising. YouTube is currently running so many new features under the testing phase along with this new profile card feature. As revealed by Creator Insider, a new feature will allow content creators to show a customized message to engage a variety of new subscribers and it is currently being tested by a small set of users.

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