YouTube TV app will have a considerable advertisement masthead box

The TV app of YouTube will soon have a large advertisement banner at the top of its home page, like its leading site.

The ad is referred to as YouTube Masthead, which is taken as the prime advertisement slot. According to Google Ads Product Manager, Anish Kattukaran, just like the masthead box of the regular site of YouTube, the detriments on all compatible devices of TV app will play automatically after a few seconds.

For advertisers, the TV app is an essential platform to run their ads, says Google. On average, the daily watch time on the connected TV devices is 250 million hours. Google also claims that the ads played on TV app stays in the memory of viewers for longer as compared to traditional TV.

The masthead on the TV app will look huge, which is expected to irritate a lot of people.

Another notable change that soon users see in YouTube’s TV services is that they won't be able to access the TV interface directly from the site,

However, a large number of YouTube TV users access it from the YouTube TV app instead of using the browser extension to display it on their smart TVs.

The beta rollout of the masthead has already started. It is expected that it will be soon be shown and be available for the general public.

The YouTube Masthead is coming to the TV screen

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