Google introduces two handy features for Family Link users

Every passing second a company introduces a new service or technology to bring ease in the life of its users. Nowadays people rely on digital devices for almost each and every task. People are so much addicted to smartphones that they don’t think about their lives without cellphones. So to bring more comfort in the life of potential customers, a variety of companies provide unique services and products to engage a variety of audience and to also stand out in the market of competitors.

As compared to the children of the '90s, kids nowadays are more advanced with access to all sorts of technologies and services via their smartphones, tablets, etc. The Internet can be a place of inspiration and abuse as well especially for children. Most of the time it gets difficult for parents to monitor social activities of kids that they don’t become a victim of any sort of harassment.

Recently, Android 10 was launched and it included some built-in settings for kids that parents have been waiting for so long. Family links enable parents to limit apps usage and also to provide bonus time too. Recently a new update in the Android 10 revealed some new features available in the settings app of every Android phone. Family link is an app that will limit the time of usage of apps for kids and it will also grant more screen time according to the requirements by parents.

In May, these two new features in the Android 10 were announced by the company. The first feature is the App-specific time which limits the usage of apps for users to specific time duration and after that, it automatically disables the entire device and turns off notifications of these apps as well. This app also includes a bedtime schedule so that phone can be locked and unlocked at scheduled times on a daily basis and all according to the instructions by parents.

Screenshots: 9to5Google.

This new feature will provide parents the ability to specify the time duration of apps used every day. It is quite similar to Digital Wellbeing. Family link is enabled with a new limit tab that will have all the apps of the device listed in the app. The limit feature will display the activated time limits of each app and the durations to use it every day. According to Google, this app-specific time will help users to learn how to manage the usage according to budget and time.

Along with the time limits to the apps, bonus time will also be provided to kids by parents. This means that after the certain limit of usage of social apps end, kids will be given an additional screen usage limit to users. On the profile of the child, a new button with a panel is added that will display the addition of five-minute increments and the statement from Google stating the start of Bonus time right away. According to the UI of Family Link, the device will re-lock with the bonus time option and Lock now option will become available to kids. Currently, these two features will be rolling out as an update to Family Link.

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