Twitter for Android is Reportedly Getting new Explore Settings!

Instagram’s Explore Page has helped many users on the platform in staying updated with the trends and activities transpiring around them. The facility of real-time content curation is surely needed on a social media platform that users dedicate a hefty time of their average day to. So, why should Instagram have all the fun?

Renowned App Researcher Jane Manchun Wong recently posted a tweet about Twitter working on Explore settings in Android app. Wong attached a screenshot with her Tweet as well, which helps us in breaking down the feature that might soon be the highlight of Twitter for Android.

In the screenshot, it can be seen that once a user lands on the Explore Settings Page, they will be asked to enable their location so they can be presented with content focusing on activities happening in their locality.

In addition to enabling Location, users will also be given the choice to “Personalize” the trends based on their location and the accounts they follow. This will ensure that users get presented with content that actually interests them.

As of now, the general release date for these new settings is unknown. It is also possible that Twitter is just testing things and have no immediate plans for the above-mentioned Explore Settings. Regardless, they can prove to be quite useful in the long-run. Stay tuned for further updates in this story.

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