Now Rearrange Your Photos by a Simple Drag-n-Drop Option on Twitter

After testing, Twitter has finally launched its new and simple feature of the drag-n-drop feature to re-order the images you attach in your tweet. Twitter discovered how long it takes to upload pictures in order and therefore, came up with this drag-n-drop solution to save user’s time.

Whenever you attach two or more images with your tweet, you can drag them and rearrange them in the fashion you want them to appear. Now, you don’t have to upload pictures in order rather just drag them and place them in your favorite location.

It is a simple update but it surely has a great impact on the user’s productivity. This new feature can surely save a lot of time for businesses that use Twitter for their promotions.

From what can be seen, Twitter users are quite impressed and happy with the new feature. Hopefully, this new feature will turn out to be best for Twitter, especially for businesses.

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Photo: Bloomberg | Getty Images
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