Is Twitter a ‘Look at This’ social network?

According to a recent survey by Twitter and Publicis Media, the different social platforms fall into different categories. For example, YouTube is the place where visitors go to learn new things while Facebook and Instagram are a destination for ‘look at me’ type individuals. On the other hand, Twitter is more of a ‘look at this’ platform.

Twitter along with Publicis Media and research partners Firefish and The Number Lab surveyed 1,490 users of social media networks through both – in-person interviews and online surveys to understand the impact of advertising on popular platforms including Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.

Twitter in a blog post explained that more and more people are using social media nowadays with an average user spending at least two hours per day on various platforms. However, what once started as a mode of communication between friends and family members has evolved a lot farther than that – the microblogging network acknowledges. This is why users are making use of multiple platforms to access all the information that they may need.

According to the combined study by Twitter and Publicis Media, the four dominating social networks are analyzed as follows:

· Facebook and Instagram are ‘look at me’ platforms where most of the users log in to stay in touch with their friends, family, and the latest trends. Statistics of the survey also revealed that 74% of users use Facebook for communication while 67% use Instagram to find out regarding the latest trends.

· YouTube is the go-to site of learning for more than 54% of respondents who claim that the Google-owned video streaming site helps them learn many new things.

· Lastly, Twitter is categorized as the ‘look at this’ platform where 81% of participants claim to access in order to find out the latest happenings in the world.

The same study also looked at the advertising trends on the different platforms. When it comes to Twitter, the study found:

· 70% of users to search for brands while 78% are more likely to post or share about their favorite brands on social media.

· 120% of users are more likely to message brands through social media directly

· 20% more likely to remember the ads seen on social media

· 21% claim to be influenced by ads

Twitter concluded their report by claiming that Twitter is more popular with the users who are looking for additional information about a brand and/or would like to further communicate with them. Additionally, nearly three-quarter of the surveyed individuals say that a brand with an active Twitter presence makes them feel both – more human and trustworthy.

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