Instagram Explore page has been at makeover stage and people find a glitch

Usually, my Instagram explore has photos of cute puppies, celebrities, funny pranks, and videos of housewives vlogging about their daily routine, but today everything has been changed. There are photos and videos of nature and travel in my Explore tab.

It seems to be a polite glitch but what has happened to my content which is the result of years long tabbing on my favorite accounts? For me it was as if Internet has feelings too, as it might get bored of having same content to see every minute.

However, this cute fault has not effected accounts of every user. In fact, in my case everything came back to normal when I refreshed the Explore few times. The same malfunction did happen in past. At that time Facebook said that bug was the reason behind it.

Here's how social media users are reacting on this new development:

Instagram is moving towards more personalized content. That’s the reason why there is whole navigation bar below the search bar that consist of different options. This weird malfunction is the result in of this, but it has some benefits. Like you can also do makeover to your explore. If you like any of the photo from this section then click ellipses in the upper right hand corner and select the option of “more images like this”. The application will, then, code the message in your algorithms and give your explore a new look.

Instagram is improving. So, for now enjoy this weird yet smile-bringing glitch by looking at the photos of nature and travel.

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