Most Americans are Ready to Allow Law Enforcement Agencies to Use Facial Recognition

As technology is becoming more accessible, users are also becoming more aware of how AI can be used against them. Previously, biometric and fingerprint scanning was considered as an advance system however, this has now been replaced by facial recognition. Multiple companies now mark the attendance of their employees with the help of facial recognition system. Moreover, mobile phones and other electronic gadgets are now sophisticated enough to provide access after facial recognition. However, when it comes to providing access to the facial recognition for safety purposes, consuners have a different point of view.

According to a study conducted by Pew Research Center, six out of ten U.S adults are now willing to provide their facial recognition related data to law enforcement agencies for the sake of public safety. Previously, most of the Americans were quite skeptical about the idea, one of the main reasons behind this was privacy. However, it seems that with advancements in technology Americans have finally accepted that it’s time for them to step up their safety game with the use of better technology.

The idea of providing access to the facial recognition data is just limited to the law enforcement agencies, which means that most Americans are still against the idea of sharing the database with the advertisers. More than half of the US adult population is against the idea of providing technology and data access to the advertisers and tech companies for tracking consumers and their behavior. Around 40% of the respondents in the study believe that organizations should not have access to sensitive data including facial recognition just for marking attendance.

Keeping all these results in mind, it feels that Americans have set their priorities straight when it comes to privacy. They are willing to share their data just for the sake of their own safety and not for helping advertisers to sell their products or target them more ads. Users are now more aware of the privacy and data sharing practices after biggest tech and data related scandal. It seems that the Facebook data scandal was a blessing in disguise because users are now looking forward to protecting their data moreover, they are now behaving responsibly when it comes to sharing sensitive information on social media platforms.

More Than Half of U.S. Adults Trust Law Enforcement to Use Facial Recognition Responsibly

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