TikTok Pro Accounts are Giving Creators an Opportunity to Become the App's Testers!

TikTok’s popularity has skyrocketed in a short amount of time. As many people call it, “The new rendition of Vine” has already overtaken the world of social media by storm and TikTok Artists have become quite popular.

With rising popularity comes great responsibility however. It’s high time for TikTok to upgrade from a casual platform for people to upload fun-filled short videos to a full-fledged social network. A few months ago, TikTok Pro Accounts were introduced for this purpose.

These Accounts allow users to track their performance and gain access to tools to grow their presence on the platform. There are a number of useful analytical tools that come with a free Pro Account such as tools to gain insight into the performance of videos and followers.

Social media consultant Matt Navarra recently posted several screenshots of the TikTok Pro accounts. The first one focuses on analytics such as details about a user’s content and the trending videos on the platform. Other Analytics’ tabs shown were overview and followers.

The other two screenshots basically invite users to become “TikTok Testers”, which means that users will be able to get sneak peeks of new features and test new versions of TikTok before their official roll-out. The option to join testers is available in the “Privacy and settings” section.

It’s good to see that TikTok is finally focusing on climbing the ranks of Social Media platforms (business-wise) and is taking its users along the journey. It remains to be seen how things unfold from here. Stay tuned for further updates in this story.

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