YouTube Brings Leanback to an End

Over the past few years, one of the biggest priorities that YouTube has been working on is establishing itself as more than just a video sharing hub and make a name for itself as a genuine platform for perusing interesting and engaging content. Since YouTube has pretty much conquered the world of video sharing and the like, and in the process has created a home for a lot of content creators that provide quality short form content that is a brand unto itself, the next step for the video sharing platform is to compete with the likes of Netflix and Hulu.

YouTube has taken a lot of steps to try and meet this end, with one of the steps being the establishment of YouTube Red as well as YouTube Premium, both of which are ad free, paid alternatives to the regular YouTube platform which house exclusive content that is higher in quality and gets bigger budgets directly from the platform rather than being a platform for independently funded content creators.

Another step that YouTube has taken to get closer to its goal of trying to compete with Netflix and the like is through Leanback, an interface that facilitates YouTube being browsed on a proper television which would obviously lend quite a bit of credibility to YouTube as a platform for people that are trying to look for quality content on the internet.

However, if you have been using Leanback TV version recently, you would have noticed a notification that states that YouTube will be discontinuing this feature soon. While you can still use YouTube and watch videos on your TV, you will need to find different apps that would allow you to do so.

This might indicate that YouTube is changing directions, or perhaps developing a platform that is superior to Leanback. We will have to wait and see where the video streaming platform goes from here.

YouTube leanback sunset
Screenshot: Digital Information World

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