TikTok is no longer an app just for teens seeking fame on its platform

TikTok is one of the largest media sharing apps that enable users to easily lip-sync and influence others with their creativity. This app has always been known as a platform for teens but not anymore. In 2017, ByteDance took Douyin as TikTok and merged it with Musical.ly in 2018 to create a wide impact in the U.S. market. The app named Douyin and TikTok are actually two individual apps with different systems and stages of development working together to provide a platform to its users.

If you take a look at the Joint user based on Douyin and TikTok, you’ll notice that 57 percent of Douyin and TikTok’s joint user base come from China which can’t be exaggerated.

TikTok has always tried to create its platform more for teenagers but a study from GlobalWebIndex (GWI) shows that the user base of TikTok might be expanding from just teens.

According to GWI, the number of TikTok user aged 26-34 years is vastly higher as compared to 16-24-year-olds in countries like China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia. This demographic shift of user base of TikTok from teens to adults is pretty similar to Facebook and Instagram as well.

Usually, the young generation is always the first to use new technologies and services and to experience a new change; other age groups usually take time to adjust according to the change and eventually start pouring in. This new rise in the age of TikTok members might cause the problem for ByteDance that wants to make its platform more interesting for the young generation.

Categorizing TikTok users as status seekers

More than 52 percent of TikTok users are categorized as status seekers with 1.3 times the global average.

Every person wants to be loved, to have fame, to be recognized as a special person. So TikTok users will do anything to enhance their online reputation. The user of TikTok always strives to achieve more than what they already have in life. According to GWI, TikTok users admit that they are brand conscious and they buy premium versions of products to create a strong reputation to be respected by their peers.

Social media gives the user a space of their own, where they can be themselves without the fear of being judged. So, when GWI asked TikTok users about the main reason behind the usage of internet, majority stated that to make their voice heard and influence others are why they indulge on the internet in the first spot. More than two-thirds of members have posted reviews of products and services to share their opinion.

According to the the study, TikTok members are not just brand conscious people but the trending and viral things and the voice of the community around them also put a huge impact on them.

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