TikTok is Now Among The Top 3 Apps On Apple App Store Beating Other Popular Apps (Including Facebook)

TikTok, a video app owned by a China-based company, ByteDance has crossed over 1 billion downloads.

Sensor Tower, an app analytics company disclosed the data recorded by analyzing the installs both on the Android and iOS versions of the app. Reportedly, the app had 71 million new users in January, this year. This calculation does not include the data of the Chinese version of the app, called Douyin, having decent number of users.

TikTok is now ranked at number 3 on Apple’s App store, whereas YouTube and Instagram are still at the top positions.

In December 2017 the app merged with another music video app, Music.ly which cost around $1 billion. After the merge, TikTok grew at a much high rate and became one of the most popular apps in 2018.
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Oliver Yes, the founder of the Sensor Tower, said that that almost 663 million times the app was installed in 2018, making it the year of app’s growth. Whereas in contrast to this, Facebook was installed approximately 771 million times and Instagram had 444 million downloads.

Though Facebook and Instagram are many popular apps with billions of active users daily, TikTok’s rapid growth is no behind.

Lately, Lasso was launched by Facebook as its own version of TikTok. It was to cut down the growth of TikTok but this app has not been yet affiliated with Facebook directly, which will help in targeting teenagers specifically. Snapchat also had launched its own version of lip-sync videos, called Lens Challenge.

TikTok might have grown over a period of time but still has not been able to make a great deal of money out of it. It allows people to buy in-app gifts for live streamers. This has collected around $70 million yet, as reported by Sensor Tower. Along with this, the app is also working on launching an advertising business.

TikTok gaining on Facebook with 1 billion downloads, according to Senor Tower Data
Photo credit: Joe Scarnici / Getty Images
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