YouTube will now only display Music charts for organic plays instead of paid views

YouTube recently revealed that it will no longer include any of pay-for-play YouTube Music in its chart. It will no longer allow any of the paid views or advertisements on its "most popular artists and music from around the world" list. According to a blog post by YouTube, the platform will be calculating rankings on the basis of organic view counts from plays instead of any paid views. Along with this change, YouTube is also changing 24-hour record debuts to only count views from organic sources which will include direct links to video, search results, Watch Next and Trending but will no longer include any sort of video advertising.

YouTube launched these changes after receiving a number of reports on music labels spending a huge amount of money on video advertising in order to get more views for their newly debuted songs. A report from Rolling Stone to YouTube revealed the workings of this technique to generate views for YouTube videos. This mode of advertisement lets the advertiser or the label play a short version of the video as an advertisement in front of other videos so if a YouTube users interacts with the video or watches the shortened video for a certain amount of time it would count in the video’s overall view count.

The reports submitted to YouTube regarding so many celebrities using similar techniques to generate views resulted in these changes revealed by YouTube.

YouTube officially announces the changes

YouTube revealed that the Music Charts have become a source in the music industry and the most accurate place for people to measure the popularity of music happening on the largest platform in the world. These changes made by YouTube are an attempt to provide more transparency to the industry so YouTube will no longer be calculating paid views in its YouTube Music Chart calculation. Artists will now be ranked on the basis of organic view counts instead of paid views.

These changes made by YouTube impact all Music charts including 24-hour debuts and other charts focused on trending, popular videos both globally and locally.

Although the advertising and paid views will no longer be included in view counts for YouTube Chart ranking but according to YouTube these changes will not impact the existing 24-hour record debut holders. These changes by YouTube doesn’t mean the end of music video advertising, Ads will still be a medium used by creators to expose new music to viewers from all around the world and in return help boost organic views as links get clicked, shared around the web.

Bottom Line

YouTube is one of the largest online streaming platforms and the core purpose of YouTube is to provide its users with the ability to raise their voice and be heard among millions. The platform is trying to help celebrate artist achievements on YouTube as determined by their fans. The artists and fans on the platform make YouTube the best experience for its users and YouTube’s only aim is to keep it that way.

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