Becoming an Influencer Is Not a Fun Game to Play, YouTubers Reveal It All

Easy money, fame and celebrity status gives an idea of validation which boosts the social status and in a fast digital world like today this only comes with being a digital and social media influencer. This is the reason dreams have changed, kids no longer want to become doctors, scientists or engineers, they have detected the shift in the market. They want to be social media influencers, YouTubers, online gamers and entertainers. According to a recent study conducted by LEGO, most of the kids in America want to become influencers and YouTubers whereas, in China, most of the kids want to become astronauts. This shift in dream and ambition is deeply rooted in shift of consumer market, social preferences and the requirements of the people. The new generation knows the power of social media but what excites them the most is freedom. They have their eyes on a fun job where they can earn by traveling and using expensive products, they don’t want to live a robotic life working behind a desk from 9-5 just to earn enough for their basic needs.

As pleasant as this flexible and fun-loving job might look, there is a dark side to it. The responsibility that comes with attention and fame is not usually handled well by these teenagers and millennials which results in loss of followers, extreme backlash and mean comments. This simply means that there might not be work pressure but there is anxiety, depression, negative self-image, and even negative self-perception. Staying in limelight means staying perfect at all times, watching what you are saying and maintaining a positive image. The viewers are global, so what might please some of the viewers might end up offending others. Usually, viewers are from a different ethnic background, different race, culture, and different religion. All these things make it easier for the content creator to be judged. Moreover, YouTube is finally trying to take control of what the content creators are making. Describing the reach, limiting views, putting penalties, suspending channels and changing rules are few of the things that most of the content creators are complaining now. According to an American YouTuber and content creator, Joey Graceffa, it is hard to create content now because of how abruptly YouTube is changing the rules and when the content creator is not aware of the rules he is playing a game blindly, without knowing the rules.

A recent rage aroused after one of the most followed YouTubers, Logan Paul who also happens to be the fastest-growing channels of YouTube released a video where he was visiting and mocking a suicide garden in Japan. The video was perceived so offensive that most of the users reported the video and YouTube started strict monetizing policies after that incident. Moreover, the younger brother of Logan Paul, Jake Paul is becoming the fastest growing YouTube sensations. He can be seen living in a mansion, driving luxury cars and using all the best gadgets but the question is how much of that perfect lifestyle adds up to his actual life. Social media has made everything so fake that living a normal life has become a challenge. Staying updated, wearing makeup, traveling in luxury vehicles might look very appealing to the younger audience but this is pushing a whole generation into depression. The people who are creating content are falling prey to the depression because they want to do better and want to get more likes and views, whereas, the viewers are getting depressed because they want to live that perfect life. In short, the entertainment industry is selling depression to already depressed viewers and the content is made by depressed people.

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