Despite a huge outrage on its first hardware device, Facebook again reveals its new home speakers

Last year, Facebook launched its very first hardware device but it gained more hate than likes due to its potential spying status. On Wednesday, Facebook revealed its new generation portal video chatting devices and it is creepy too for some privacy-savvy consumers. Facebook just can’t get it that no matter how hard it tries, it still fails to secure user privacy and no one will fall for its new products anymore.

The new screen-equipped home speaker launched by Facebook is a privacy nightmare for users. This new product includes long-range microphones and also a smart camera that follows the user around the room when they are on video calls.

If you noticed, the original launch of these products happened after the Cambridge Analytica scandal which revealed the private information of 90 million users. After this scandal, Facebook delayed its release of video chatting devices for months and in the end, it also recommended users to add a plastic cover to block the camera lens.

There are three new Portal products launched by Facebook named as the Portal, Portal Mini and Portal TV. They also include a plastic cover near the camera lens that the user can switch on the side.

According to Facebook, the camera launched by the platform uses an improved AI technique that easily pans and zooms to stay with action so that users can freely move while talking on a video call and always being in the frame. The portal camera is also enabled to detect other people entering the room resulting in widening of its view to capture everyone.

Facebook launched these products stating that it’s attempting to provide its users' more private modes of communications and after being surrounded by scandals for so many years these new products are an attempt to change the history by securing user privacy. Facebook is one of the largest platforms with private messaging features used by nearly 2.4 billion users each month.

According to Facebook, the platform will also be expanding its sales of Portal products in countries including UK, France, and Australia and will also be lowering the prices of its products as compared to other competitor digital speakers from Amazon and Google.

The models of Portal will start shipping from October 15th and its prices will be $129 and $179 depending on the versions, The Portal TV will be priced $149 and will be launched in the market on November 5th. These new Portal devices will also include features like WhatsApp video calling and the Portal TV displays Facebook’s very first attempt into launching video streaming hardware devices although it offers a very limited version of subscription services.

According to a blog post by Facebook, the Portal devices will only stream shows that appear on the Watch app of Facebook and by the time Portal TV will be launched it will have Amazon’s Prime Video app loaded as well. There is no official release from Facebook regarding the quantity of sold Portals since the device’s launch last year but the platform makes less than 2 percent of its revenue from these non-advertising sources.

Although there are no official statements from Facebook on whether they contacted any other content providers like HBO or Disney but we really hope that Facebook thinks about contacting them in Future.

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