Smartphone Sales Continue the Trend by Declining in Q2 2019

Analyst group Gartner found that there has been a decline once again in the smartphone sales. The decline has been observed in the sales of second quarter of 2019. However, this isn’t as much of a shocking news as it may appear at first.

Although, the year over year drop is just 1.7 percent, it has created issues for the manufacturers, decreasing to 368 million from 374 million. The high end of the market seems to be the most affected, as longer refresh cycles combined with higher prices and lesser captivating features are the main reasons behind the continuous decline.

When the top five markets are taken into consideration, only Brazil and China showed growth in sales. However, the growth witnessed in China (0.5%) wasn’t sufficient to make a difference. Moreover, Gartner believes that a part of China’s growth might be due to manufacturers paving the way for 5G models, at the expense of old ones. Increase in carrier coverage plus more 5G phones might be the key to boost up the sales in the coming months.

India, which is the number two market, witnessed a year over year drop of 2.3% due to a decrease in the number of consumers upgrading from feature phone to smartphones. It’s predicted that the decline will continue until the end of this year at the very least.

Apple isn’t unfamiliar with declines either and witnessed a major dip in the first quarter. However, the drop rate has slowed down a notch now. Samsung and Huawei performed quite decently. The entry-level and mid-range gadgets such as the Galaxy A series helped Samsung in its sales. Also, Huawei witnessed an increase in the sales in the last quarter, possibly due to its US ban getting postponed.

This graph shows the top 5 smartphone manufacturers based on worldwide unit sales to end users.
Chart courtesy of: Statista.

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