Gmail will now let you know whether a co-worker is available to respond right now or not

At times you write to co-worker expecting an urgent reply but instead get an automated replying saying the concerned person is not available at the moment or out of office. Google is now introducing a new feature in Gmail and Calendar that will let you know before contacting that the co-worker is out of office.

A yellow notification will be shown at the bottom of an email or chat bar that will indicate the person is not yet available. It will be displayed both in Gmail and Hangouts chat.

To enable this feature, people will have to create an entry in the calendar for being out of office. It will help Google know that a person is away at the moment.

It might seem a minute improvement, but it is most valuable when you are in an Microsoft Office suite. It lets you know before time when contacting a colleague, whether they have are avail to respond on time or not.

This feature will be enabled by default for all users. However, users can disable it also. To disable, go to settings, select access permission, and then Show calendar info in Google apps, which is limited by access permissions.

Google has already started rolling out this feature to G Suit users whereas it will be rolled out to other accounts by September 19.

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