New Phishing Scam Targets Facebook's Verified Users!

Facebook is no stranger to phishing attacks. Every once in a while, scammers come up with a new phishing technique in order to hack the accounts of as much users as they possibly can. Lately, a new phishing scam is circulating on the social networking platform that is mainly targeting the verified users.

Social media consultant Matt Navarra tweeted about this scam. According to the screenshot shared by him, the message that is being sent to various users appears to be coming from the official Facebook account. In the message, users are being informed about Facebook taking away their blue verification badge due to security concerns within 24 hours of the message’s delivery. A link is then presented, clicking on which will get the users’ identity confirmed.

The reason why many users haven’t fallen for the scam is due to the message’s poor formatting. There are spelling as well as grammatical errors, in addition to threatening and immature language. These factors easily give away that the message is part of a phishing scam. Some examples are “click on the link bellow” and threat implications such as “we have decided to remove the badge within 24 hours”.

Many Facebook users are surprised that despite Facebook relying on AI and ML to make improvements on the platform, hackers can still use Facebook’s logo as display picture. A user also double checked through to verify that it is a scam but it looks quite believable.

Any user who falls for this trick will have their personal data shared with the hackers. It remains to be seen how Facebook addresses this problem and what measures it takes to ensure that it doesn’t happen in the future. As of now, it is better to stay safe and verify every such kind of message before complying with its content.

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