Majority of the users are still on Windows 7 despite the threats of it being extinct

We still remember the launch of the Windows XP and the background music when the window starts is still fresh in our minds. Technology evolved a lot during the past years, it feels like a decade since the launch of the first Windows by Microsoft.

Some people adapt according to the changing technology whereas the majority of the people try to resist the change at first. Sometimes people get so much used to a specific version of a tech that they find it difficult to switch to the improved ones and that is why they resist changing. Every passing second a new technology is introduced to bring more comfort for users in all the ways possible.

Microsoft is one of the largest tech-related company that offers a wide range of services and products to help bring comfort for users while performing a variety of tasks.

Research by Kaspersky

We all know that Microsoft will be sun-setting Windows 7 permanently in next year so Kaspersky did some research to analyze the number of devices that still support Windows 7 and the results have us worried. According to the research, there are so many devices still running on Windows 7 Operating System as users resist changing. Microsoft officially released that in January next year it will completely drop support for Windows 7 and the risks of being on unsupported OS is huge although consumers and business ignore it.

According to the research by security vendor Kaspersky, Windows 7 is still one of the most popular OS among a variety of consumers, enterprises and small businesses.

Kaspersky collected data anonymously with the authorization from users and according to that report 38 percent of consumers are still using Windows 7 and almost the same amount of small businesses use Windows 7 too. According to the research, 47 percent of enterprises are still running Windows 7 on its devices.

Despite the fact that too many people still use Windows 7, there is also good news that Windows 10 is gaining more fame by being the preferred choice for everyone. 53 percent of consumers are currently on Windows 10 whereas around 55 percent of very small businesses (VSBs) are adapting to Windows 10 for now. The small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and enterprises are ranking the lowest in research with only 47 percent devices upgraded to Windows 10.

The huge usage of Windows 7 is quite concerning as there are only less than six months left until this version becomes unsupported. According to statistics by Kaspersky majority of the small businesses and individuals still, operate on outdated version of Windows 7 and are most likely to not upgrade anytime soon.

Windows 7 will officially say goodbye to its users on January 14, 2020, and after that Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 will become the only supported Windows versions.

Bottom Line

If you take a look at the user activities you might notice that the majority of the users depending on outdated Windows 7 is due to the inability to run the newest version of OS. Some consumers have economic reasons behind the operating of Windows 7 whereas some are just too lazy to upgrade. This usage of an outdated version of Windows 7 is nothing else than cybersecurity risk and it may cost more than the cost of upgradation. For users to have their devices secured from any security threat they need to migrate to supported versions on their devices and make sure that all security tools are upgraded before the transition. So hurry up and upgrade without wasting anymore time.

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