Gmail Might be Coming Out with a Dark Mode

One of the latest trends that has been going around apps that people tend to use quite frequently is the addition of a dark mode. A dark theme is basically a mode within the app that will darken all of the colors, turning the viewing experience into something that will end up having far less of a strain on your eyes all in all. A lot of tech companies have become concerned with how often their apps are being used, and how the light from phones is affecting sleeping patterns around the world. In order to make an app less likely to have an impact on how well you are able to sleep at night, using a dark mode might just be the best thing that you can end up doing in this regard.

Gmail has been one of the last remaining apps with a high degree of popularity that doesn’t yet offer a dark mode, but all of that might be changing according to the experiences of a few users that have seen the dark mode in effect and although it is currently only working sporadically it could mean that the official dark mode will be rolling out to all users very soon indeed.

The reason that the dark mode is not available to everyone and is only working sporadically could be because of the fact that the feature is currently only available as a beta version, and this version is a test to see whether or not the update is ready to be rolled out to the general public. Considering the sporadic nature of how it works, the test might not be going so well so it might be some time before we end up seeing a proper roll out of this mode.

Gmail for Android starts getting first bits of dark mode

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