G Suite Update Brings Improved Gmail Spelling Checker to the Table

G Suite is Google’s suite of software that is meant for the working professional, and a lot of the features that this particular type of software tends to use have been added in order to optimize the efficiency with which people would actually be able to quickly get their work done.

AI tools and extensions have previously been the gold standard when it comes to spell checking and grammar checking your text before you send it in, but it seems like Google is trying to make users get all of these features in house by incorporating them into G Suite.

This is ostensibly being done as a part of Google’s plan to offer a wide range of services that would cover all of the numerous features that a working professional or indeed anyone that’s using G Suite would need in order to complete the tasks that they have been assigned.

Gmail is going to be getting this spell checking feature and this is where it will be particularly useful. If you have ever sent a message that has a grammatical error, typos or a spelling mistake you would know just how embarrassing this sort of thing has a tendency to be.

Now when you are composing an email, you are going to get red lines underneath words that Gmail detects to be spelling errors and blue lines under grammatical mistakes that Gmail has detected. This will save you some time because of the fact that now you will no longer have to manually check for spelling mistakes and the like, instead Gmail will be showing you any errors that you have made automatically.

This will certainly improve the functionality of the various elements contained within G Suite and will make it more likely that a higher number of consumers would start shifting to this suite of software since it is providing an increasingly complete set of functions, features and services.

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