Main Reason Revealed behind Blogs not Ranking in Search Engines Despite Being Rich in Quality

If your blog isn’t ranking well, chances are that it’s making a common yet critical mistake, according to a recent study on blog structure.

The mistake is regarding the link depth. For those of you unaware, link depth is the number of clicks required in order to go from home page to a particular piece of content.

The study was conducted by Perficient Digital and it was found that every two in three blogs have an average link depth greater than five. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that a content piece that many clicks away from the homepage will probably not get ranked unless it has received a few external links directly taking the visitor to it.

The study also went on to say that around 31.5% of the posts taken into account were over 21 clicks away from their respective home pages. That’s not all however as 9.5% of the posts were as far as 50 (or more) clicks away. If that doesn’t surprise you, then there were some posts that were 1,000 or more clicks away.

Thus, if you ever come across a blog that is rich in quality but isn’t ranked decently, you might want to check the ease of their access from the website’s homepage.

As for the study, 100 blogs were randomly selected and analyzed. Every single blog post was accessed from top to the bottom in order to fully prepare the required data.

Another interesting finding from the study is that around 92% of the analyzed posts were evergreen in nature, rather than temporal.

Keeping the study results in mind, Perficient Digital proposed creating a content hub in place of a blog. This change would likely help the evergreen content in ranking well. You are encouraged to view the full study as it is packed with important details.

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