Video Marketing Is The Top Preference of Digital Marketers For The Year 2019-2020; Voice Search Is Falling Down

Before we begin with what the research has shown, ask yourself what kind of advertisement really attracts or intrigues you? The answer would most probably favor the content that is made well in the form of a video, right?

As visuals are becoming an integral part of digital marketing, this recent study from The Mondo Creative & Digital Trends shows that a vast majority of 67 percent marketers are eyeing for video marketing as their first priority, whereas only 17 percent had plans to optimize their websites for voice search in the next 12 months.

The study was conducted with the help of over 1000 creative and digital marketing decision makers who shared their preferences for the year 2019 and 2020. While almost all of them are siding with content based on videos, here are a few other interesting facts that has been found in the reports.

The respondents are more interested to invest in Instagram stories (66 percent), newsfeed videos (62 percent), Gifs (52 percent), cinemagraphs (31 percent), live streaming (28 percent) and IGTV (28 percent) as a part of their video marketing campaigns. Not to anyone’s surprise, news-feed videos have been the hot favorites of B2B marketers, whereas B2C candidates ranked the Instagram stories higher.

Apart from the video, a lot of digital marketers are also ready to dive into experiential marketing (31 percent), micro-moments (28 percent), motion design (24 percent), visual search (21 percent) and voice search (10 percent) for their 2019-2020 marketing efforts.

Unfortunately, voice search is currently lagging behind by a far margin as only 17 percent of the digital marketers indicated that their websites are already optimized for search or do have plans to implement the optimization in the next 12 months. Still, in this category too, thirty-five percent have visual search optimization for their websites in schedule.

This upset for voice search can be due to the fact that more devices with voice activations have just started to enter the market as a wholesome product and there are chances that digital marketers are just not ready to incorporate them well into their campaigns and move towards voice search. That being said, video marketing is the current wave that marketers are simply loving and keeping it on their wish-list.

More Insights:

Digital marketers have ranked audience targeting (86 percent) as the top component for their paid search strategies in the next year, with keywords (83 percent) and re-marketing (76 percent) also on top of their priorities.

55 percent of the team surveyed treats GDPR compliance as a high priority.

41 percent of the respondents were in the favor of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

38 percent ranked Reactive Design to be the next trend in 2019-2020 marketing plans.

The IAB and eMarketers have also reported that will invest more than half of their video budgets in original content for the current year.

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