Gmail on iPhone will finally see ‘Image Blocking’ and other privacy features

Google finally added a new setting to its Gmail app for iOS device, which will allow users to block unwanted email trackers. Through the setting, users will be able to prevent Gmail from automatically loading attached images – a feature that was only found in the web version of Gmail.

The modification in these settings will also block the hidden email trackers in the body of messages that often tell the senders when and even where the message was opened.

Back in July, former Twitter executive and designer Mike Davidson complained in his blog post that the popular email service allows users to track the location of the recipient along with the time they open the message.

After his blog post regarding privacy violations went viral, Superhuman – an email service provider turned off its read receipt feature along with their location tracker.

However, this was not sufficient and in response, Google has also decided to enhance privacy protection on Gmail that would disable the sender’s ability to locate the location of the recipient. It has also disabled automatic image loading on its web services to prevent any email tracking service to gather recipient’s location.

However, due to the rise in mobile email users, Google is now making the same changes on its iOS app – effective immediately to personal Gmail accounts.

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Featured Photo: S3studio / Getty Images
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