Instagram is Reportedly Working on a Feature that will Allow you to Edit your Story's Audience!

Instagram has surely been putting in extra effort for the past several months to get more and more users to actively use the platform. The Stories feature in particular has been the center of attention lately. Many interesting features concerning Stories have been rolled out recently and many have been reported to be in development… which brings us to the latest one being worked on.

Recently, App Researcher Jane Manchun Wong tweeted about the Facebook-owned media sharing service working on an “Edit Audience” option for Stories. According to Wong, the option is currently a shortcut for “Hide Story From”.

A screenshot was also attached with the tweet, giving us a quick look at the feature’s placement and its current functionality. Users will be able to find the “Edit Audience” option right beside their profile picture when sharing a story. Once the option is selected, they will be given an option to select the followers they want to hide their story from. Users can either scroll through the entire list of their followers or just search by name.

The feature’s general release date hasn’t been determined yet. Moreover, it isn’t clear whether “Edit Audience” will just serve as a shortcut for “Hide Story From” for the time being or there’s more to the feature that hasn’t been revealed yet. Guess, we will have to wait to find that out. Stay tuned for further updates.

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