Paid and Organic search generate more revenue to websites than you think!

BridghtEdge is a firm that recently researched on the revenue-generating websites just to get a detailed insight into the organic and paid search results. According to BrightEdge, more than 53% of the traffic generates revenue from Organic search whereas only 15% of traffic helps to generate revenue from paid searches. For B2B and other verticals, more than 70% of revenue generated is derived from Organic search as compared to paid searches.

According to BrightEdge's study, organic and paid searches to deliver way more traffic to websites as compared to other means of advertisements. Although there is a rise in the zero-click search results but still paid and organic search are responsible for more than 68% of traffic generated on websites.

If you take a look at the growth of organic traffic you’ll realize that the percentage of traffic from organic search has grown in the last five years. According to the research by BrightEdge, more than 51% of site traffic was due to organic search in 2014 and it increased to 53% this year with only 15% traffic from paid searches.

In the data generated by BrightEdge in May 2019 from thousands of domains and billions of sessions in from the past years to get a detailed insight into the Organic and Paid searches. According to the report, B2B sites contain a larger distribution of general traffic and more than 75% traffic of B2B sites is coming from paid and organic search.

According to BrightEdge, there’s a similarity in the traffic coming from organic, paid and another search. The organic search delivered 41% of traffic to sites while paid and other search provided 23% of traffic to sites. Hospitality also had a similar traffic generation category with more than 31% traffic coming from another search.

There’s a detailed insight on the impact of social media on the traffic as well. According to the report, the social media delivering traffic has been flat at 5% since 2014 but not anymore. Now with so many social platforms available, the traffic coming from social platforms increased from 5% to more than 8%.

There’s also an insight into the revenue generated by channels depending on the general traffic and specific verticals. According to the report, paid and organic search help more than 72% to generate revenue for B2B and other sites whereas social media help to generate revenue not more than 1% at all.

This report by BrightEdge is something we all need to look at and the reason is that this report will help marketers to know about the type of traffic generated through organic and paid searches and also the average revenue generated by these sites on the base of Organic and Paid searches. Although some marketers might call these findings somewhat inaccurate but if you take a look at the report it will strongly help you to have a detailed insight on the organic and paid search categories and how its helping websites to generate traffic and revenue.

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