Instagram is Planning to Revamp the Stories and Experimenting with Exciting New Camera Features

Instagram is known for its innovation and right from the start the media-sharing app has evolved to become better just according to the expectations of its users. Instagram has pledged to change users interface and make it as an interactive as possible and today Instagram that we see was not what was planned initially. It was just a photo-sharing platform but soon it evolved into one of the biggest marketing and product placement app that becomes vital for the consumers as well as for the business owners.

Instagram is now ready to unleash a bunch of exciting new features that will not only improve the users' experience but make it one of the most interactive social media platform. Most of these features are completely new and they are yet to be announced, however, looking at the code behind the app might reveal few things. To explain what might be the future of Instagram here are few of the changes as discovered by Jane Manchun Wong that we are expecting from the new Instagram updates.

New Layout

The Instagram grid has become a very popular feature which is the reason Instagram is now looking to Instagram new layout features where user can stack photos and make it more interesting. There are several ways to stack photos right from the gallery or from the camera. There are small layout buttons that will help the user to decide what layout they want to select.

Comment Sharing

With the help of this feature user will be able to share the supportive comments to the feed, story or direct messages. The feature is yet to be refined and this is the reason it has not been released now.

New Boomerang Features

Boomerang feature has become one of the most popular camera features however, Instagram is looking forward to revamping this feature and make the most out of it. Some of the new variations that users will see in the near future might include:

Classic: basic boomerang feature

Hold: pause at the end

Dynamic: pause and wiggle at the end of every loop

Slowmo: classic slowmo with a slower function

Duo: a little slower than classic

Duo (again): a little faster than the classic

Camera Mode

Instagram will soon add few other camera mode icons to make the user experience more interesting and these new modes will be available in the upcoming story camera user interphase. These camera modes might include:






Notification Filters

Jane Manchun Wong explained that, "Since the beginning, notifications on the Activity tab has been blended into one single stream. Sometimes, the category of the notifications you care about might be cluttered by the others. This is about to change."
According to Wong, "Instagram has started working on Notification Filters in the Activity tab to only show the specific category of notifications."

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Featured photo: Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto via Getty Images
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