New Study Reveals Effect of Visual Content, Emojis and Captions on Instagram’s Post Performance

Quintly recently conducted a new study that showed Instagram’s post performance after evaluating 5.4 million posts and 34k Instagram business profiles. The posts were published between January 1st and June 30th 2019.

According to the report, the video content was not as famous as the image content on the Instagram. The reports suggested that the most popular type of content for brands was still the image content, 68.2% of all posts are single images.

It is relatively easier to create engaging image content as compared to the video format, which might be a reason for huge different. Apart from it, carousels are another way of creating image content that many brands are still missing to promote their businesses.

Carousels can be considered one of the best strategies for 2020 as businesses need to see beyond creating image content only for increased performance.

Another aspect that was scrutinized was – captions. Caption lengths were assessed and their impact on the post performance was also reviewed. As per Quintly’s reports, most brands write captions consisting of 150 characters and some go beyond 300 characters.

Quintly’s data suggested that short captions gained more responses, i.e. between 1 -50 characters. On the other hand, larger profiles with millions of followers apparently needed no captions for great response rate. Hence, short captions were more ideal for businesses as compared to long captions, however, not many brands are adhering to this.

Similarly, Quintly’s research was on the use of emojis for post engagement. The data collected by Quintly showed that not many businesses use emojis in their Instagram’s post captions. Quintly suggested that these brands must start using emojis as they can help in increasing interactions on their posts.

Quintly suggested that emojis might give an unauthentic, unnatural or unprofessional look to the brand, but they are definitely beneficial for customer engagement. Data has suggested that Instagram posts without emojis has lowest interaction.

Quintly further evaluated hashtags and their impact on customer engagement through Instagram posts. The results suggested that large businesses do not need much hashtags, whereas, small businesses use more hashtags. Small businesses get more brand engagement with the help of more hashtags.

Quintly has suggested back in the November that using no hashtags is the best way to go, which is almost opposite of what they recently analyzed.

However, this could be taken as a result of combined data. Up till now, large profiles with large audience does not predict any valuable information in terms of brand engagement upon using more hashtags. On the other hand, the case is different with the small businesses.

Real assessments are required with separate data for small and large businesses to show the exact findings related to hashtags and their influence on brand engagement.

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