Google Photos is Reportedly Working on an Editing Extension and a Sorting Option!

It can’t be denied that Google Photos has proven to be quite a handy tool so far for storing and sharing pictures, especially for Android users. It allows users to store unlimited amount of pictures and videos, with resolutions of up to 16 megapixels and 1080p respectively. Thus, it is important for Google to keep on working on this service to get more and more users to utilize it.

Well, it looks like there are already some significant changes on the way for Google Photos. Recently, App Researcher Jane Manchun Wong posted a couple of tweets in which she highlighted the changes that we are referring to.

In her first tweet, Wong broke the news about the photo sharing and storage service working on an album sorting feature. In the screenshot that can be found attached with the tweet, the sorting options include “Most recent photo”, “Last modified” and “Album title”. As the name suggests, sorting by “Album title” will likely display all the photo albums in alphabetical order.

Good News! Google Photos is testing album sorting

In the second tweet, it was mentioned that Google Photos is currently working on an editing extension called “Warp” (which is a clone of Adobe Photoshop's Perspective Crop Tool).

People who have profound experience and passion for photo editing might be familiar with the name. For those of you unfamiliar, the addition of “Warp” will allow the perspective of a photo to be adjusted.

Google Photos Wrap Feature

From the screenshot shared by Wong, it looks like the “Warp” extension is in the initial stages of its development, so it can take a while before a general release can be considered.

Users have mixed feelings towards the new extension. Some of the users think that “Warp” isn’t needed at the moment and that Google Photos should work on rolling out features that are being demanded by the users and fix the issues with the ones that are already implemented.

As of now, neither of the changes discussed above has a set release date. However, it can be predicted that the Album sorting option might roll out sooner than the “Warp” extension. Stay tuned for further updates.

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