Gen Alpha on the footsteps of YouTube and Instagram creators, 55% of them want to buy what influencers wear

55 percent of Generation Alpha (aged 6 to 16) say they want to buy a product if their favorite YouTuber or Instagram star is using or wearing it, revealed a survey of more than 4,000 consumers.

The report by Wunderman Thompanson Commerce suggest the changes that the influencer space will impose on the marketing strategies as the Gen Alpha increase their purchasing power. The marketing strategies will be different for Gen Alpha as compared to those for Gen Z and Millennials.

The study has come up with the idea that the influencers might not stay mere partners with the outside companies and might open their own retail operations that suggest both good and bad news for legacy players.

The report has suggested that this new trend might prove to be damaging for the retailer business if the influencers became retailers to fulfill the wishes of consumers.

Many influencers have extended their own product lines, however, not all of them was a success. For instance, the Kylie cosmetics by a reality-TV star Kylie Jenner got traction all over the world. Even though tons of money was invested in the paid advertisement of the brand, however, the Jenner name alone is enough to attract the customers.

Many brands including are leveraging influencer marketing for grwoth. The channels of these brands are expected to spend over $10 billion on influencer marketing by 2022. On the other hand, Wunderman Thompson Commerce has shown Amazon as the most liked place by Gen Alpha. Amazon recently revealed influencer storefronts that let celebrities from YouTube, Facebook or Instagram curate the products for purchase on their e-commerce website.

In short, the finding by Wunderman Thompson have highlighted different similarities between old peers and Gen Alpha.

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