Former Master Hacker Gives Important Password Tip

Everyone knows that cybercrime is one the rise, which means that protecting yourself while you are surfing the internet should be one of the biggest priorities for you all in all. One thing that could lead to your online account or identity being compromised in some way, shape or form involves you not having a strong enough password. The less complicated your password is, the easier it will be for any malicious actor to try and make their way into your online profile and steal your data or perhaps even make it so that they would gain access to your online bank account as well.

However, just because your password is complicated doesn’t mean it’s a good password. According to former master hacker from Arkansas Kyle Milliken, who has only recently finished a stint in jail due to his illicit cyber activities, says that there is one tip that you should definitely keep in mind in order to keep your online profiles secure from people that might potentially try to use your data for their own means and ends.

This tip involves changing your passwords frequently, and never using an old password even if it might be the kind of password that would take people a lot of time to guess. The reason for this is that your old passwords are going to be stored in databases, and while these databases are encrypted data theft occurs on quite a regular basis which means that if a certain database is compromised malicious actors could potentially gain access to your old passwords.

If they gain access to your old passwords this means that they are going to try to access your online profiles, and if you have used an old password again this means that they would have no trouble doing so. This is why you should change your password regularly and never use a password for multiple accounts.

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