The new addiction recovery site by Google is now live

Google is introducing a new website, Recover Together, where resources for addiction recovery will be gathered from all over the United States. It will use Google Maps to let users look for resources, like recover support meetings or find pharmacies that provide Naloxone, a drug used to counter the overdoses of opioid, without any need of a prescription.

The site will be linked to the home page of the Google under its search bar, making it accessible for people who need it.

The maps will be completed by collaborating with Recovery Resource Hub, said Google. Reliable sources are essential in rehabilitation without any involvement of scams.

In 2017, Google itself faced difficulty in dealing with such problems, especially when rampant scams were reported in the search results. The company then took action by banning rehab ads and by April 2018, it once again allowed vetted ads on its homepage.

The new page that was launched yesterday by Google will not have ads. It will only include essential information related to recovering, treatment, and prevention of addictions. Links of trustworthy resources will also be attached to the information provided.

Google is known for its simple homage where there are an only logo, a search bar, and one or two buttons. Though a few things have been added over time but promotions on the homepage are still a rare sight.

Though now it will be attaching a link of a new website under the search box. The company said it is launching the site in honor of 30th annual National Recovery Month.

Some of the critics believe that the new recovery site is a PR strategy to get over the damage done to the company in 2017 by scammers. However, it is still a good initiative for people who need help but cannot find reliable sources for it.

The addiction recovery is a better option than searching “rehab” on Google search, which shows a few ads on the top before displaying the actual results.

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