Facebook will soon have a committee that will control the content on the platform

Facebook is now finally having a committee that will decide about the content of the platform, whether it should be there or needs to be removed.

Monika Bickert, vice president of global policy management of Facebook said the company is still deciding who should be part of the committee and some of the other specifics. Probably by the end of this year, the company will have this committee in place.

This month it will release a charter outlining that will tell more about the functions of the committee and how many people will be part of it. It is expected that the committee will be empowered enough to make changes to the policies of the platform instead of only reviewing the content.

The decision to have a committee for analyzing the content was taken after the social network received criticism over its content. Four Republican senators already sent letters to CEO of the Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg this week saying that the pro-life content is being censored. The letters also demand a new audit focusing on the allegations that the company suppresses conservative speech.

Though Facebook has denied the accusations of suppressing speech several times, but it is already facing issues like hate speech, misinformation, and other offensive content.

Recently, the company published a values’ list upon which it decides whether the content should be removed or not. The list includes authenticity, privacy, safety, and dignity. At times the content may contradict with the values, but it is in public interest or has news value, then it might stay on the platform.

Bickert said they believe that people should be allowed to talk about the things that are important for them, even when some others may differ in opinion or have objections against it.

Photo: AP

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