Will iOS update limit Facebook's ability to track user's location information?

Facebook issues a warning to all its users ahead of the new iOS and Android software updates – Facebook is better with location! According to the blog post published on Monday, Facebook explains that the expected release of iOS 13 just a week after the recently released Android 10 will dramatically affect the location tracking features of the popular social media network.

As part of the iOS update, the users will get notification regarding the apps that are collecting their location information in the background. The notification will also reveal to the users a timeline of the instances when their location data was requested. As anticipated, the users of iOS 13 will get numerous notifications showing them how and when Facebook is accessing their location information.

Apple announced an iOS update in June at their annual Worldwide Developers Conference. The updated operating system is expected to release a week after the launch of their new phones – as it traditionally does this time of the year.

According to the information received by the Apple Company, the new setting will allow the users to choose whether they would like to share their location each time the app is in use, never, or always. If you allow the app to constantly track your location, Apple Company will send reports about how the information is being used by the app.

Google also released a similar update in its Android 10 operating system where the users can choose to allow the apps to track their location when in use or not. Previously, the users did not have the choice to limit their background information when the app was in use or not.

However, Facebook will still collect user’s location information – despite the feature being turned off by the user themselves. This will be through check-ins, events, tags, and data collected through the internet connection, Facebook explains in their blog post.

The blog also highlighted how location tracking is helpful and ways it enhances the user’s experience on the network.

Unfortunately, increased scrutiny has revealed to the users how tech companies take advantage of their data. Predominantly Facebook is making a lot of news regarding their misuse of people’s information and many users are wary regarding their privacy protocols.

But will this prevent the social media giant from tracking user’s location?

When contacted, Facebook, Apple, and Google were not available for a comment on the new update.

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