Facebook and Instagram Apps are Witnessing a Significant Decline in the number of Downloads in Q3!

According to an analysis conducted by the Bank of America and shared by CNBC, Instagram and Facebook’s combined mobile app download count has declined by 13% year over year. Based on the SensorTower data, the download numbers are tracking down 3% in the current quarter of this year in comparison to Q2.

When it comes to standalone downloads, Instagram performed slightly better than Facebook as its downloads were down 9% year over year compared to Facebook’s 15% so far in Q3. As compared to the same time last year, Instagram downloads are tracking down more. During this time last year, mobile app downloads of the media sharing service were down just 4% year over year. However, Instagram app downloads are tracking up 4% as compared to the last quarter.

As for Facebook, its mobile app downloads at this time last year were up 3% year over year. Now however, the numbers are tracking down 8% as compared to the last quarter. It should also be noted that Facebook shares were somewhat down on Monday.

The report didn’t clearly explain the reason behind the declining downloads of Facebook and Instagram. The most obvious pick for this would be the privacy concerns induced in the users due to the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Still, any lasting impact on the company’s business due to the backlash is unclear as Facebook has continued to progress financially.

Interestingly, the analysts found that other Social media apps such as Twitter, Snapchat and Pinterest haven’t recorded any decline in the number of downloads so far in Q3. For what it’s worth, downloads have increased significantly for these apps.

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