4 main elements that play a vital role in building Facebook standards

Facebook recently revealed to its users about 4 values that play as a base for its community standards. Facebook is trying to make it simple for its users to understand the previous values that help to build community standards on the platform. Recently in a post, the vice president of global privacy management revealed about the four key ingredients that help make this platform a safe space for users and to enable their voices to be heard. According to Monika Bickert, Facebook launched new products, features and a variety of services which is making the community standards more complex for users to understand. So Facebook is trying to simplify the community standards for its users by categorizing it into four values.

By introducing the four simplified values for community standards, Facebook is trying to enable its users to openly discuss any sort of issues even if the majority of people disagree with it or find it objectionable. In order to make the people heard and to enable them to raise their voices sometimes the team of Facebook also allows content if it is in the public interest even though if it goes against the community standards. The team allows some content even if it violates the community standards by analyzing its risk of harm against the interest of the public and also judge on the base of international human standards as well.

The following are the 4 values mentioned by Facebook


The spread of misinformation on the platform is affecting millions of lives, so Facebook wants to make sure that the content people see on the platform is authentic so that it helps to build a relationship of trust between Facebook and its users.


Facebook is always trying out various strategies to make its platform a safe space for users so any expression or content that threatens people or has the potential to exclude others or silence them is strictly prohibited on Facebook.


Facebook has been surrounded by privacy violations for so long, so it always tries to introduce new policies to protect personal privacy and information of users. The security of personal information on the platform enables users with the freedom to be themselves and to choose when to share or connect with new people more easily.


Facebook believes in equality, so it always tries to make the platform a place with equal rights for everyone so it strictly prohibits any content that disrespects the dignity of others or harasses or degrade others in any way possible.

The reveal by Facebook about 4 key elements of community standards was to help users understand the reason behind the limitation or removal of content.

Bottom Line

Facebook always tries hard to make its social network a safe place for its users in all the ways possible and this reveal of key elements of community standards is to help its users understand the reason behind the removal of content and in future to avoid anything that violates the community standards of the platform.

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