Facebook Is Becoming a Heaven for Influencers and Celebrities with Remarkable New Features

Facebook has long been a place where social interaction can be limited to family and friends but with the help of pages and groups, science becomes a little diverse. However, regardless of these opportunities, Facebook never developed as an influencers market. Now, after observing the impact of influencers Facebook has finally decided to customize the Facebook features to not only help the users but also the influencers and creators. With the help of some new features, celebrities, and influencers will be able to not only interact with their fans better but also earn money, provide links to their merchandise, books or related products and the users will be able to share and tag their interactions with their favorite celebrities.

The story posting has been completely customized and with the help of new feature, multiple celebrities and influencer can post within the same story. This means that in case multiple influencers are attending the same event they can design a story where they all can show their presence. Moreover, now users will be able to swipe right up directly to the website where the product is shown. In short, this will facilities online shopping and the influencers who are selling their merchandise and other products online.

New Features for Public Figures

Moreover, influencers will now be able to earn money from their live videos. Previously the stars’ feature was launched for online gaming however, now influencers have also found a way to use these stars. Fans and followers can buy packs of 100 stars for just $1.40 and these stars and will be used as coins because they contain a value. On receiving a star, the creator or the influencers will get one cent which obviously makes a lot once every fan and a follower starts to send a star. Influencers and makeup artists especially have started their star campaigns where they invite a fan or follower for their live makeup session. The criteria of selection are that the highest star sender per week or month will win the makeup session give away.

The idea of stars might look unique but just like all the other ideas, this is just a stolen rendition of the hearts that people send on the Mukbang videos. On receiving each heart, the receiver gets a credit transfer which is obviously money.

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