Mark Zuckerberg aims to build AR glasses to map the world

Last week, we heard the news of Facebook collaborating with Ray-Ban for their set of AR glasses. Well, today (again) Facebook has confirmed the news and announced that their project called “Live Maps” will create augmented reality glasses that will create 3D maps of the world.

Facebook described their Live Maps function at the Oculus Connect developer conference through a video, where it revealed that the AR glasses would produce multi-layer representations of the world through the use of traditional maps, footage captured through phone, and crowdsourced data – besides the glasses.

They also highlighted some potential uses of the AR glasses such as push notifications, identification of objects with labels, and even the projection of holographic avatar to hang out with real people.

However, Facebook did not clarify how it would protect privacy while collecting all of this data as we previously saw several legal scrutinies around Google’s Street View system that functioned in a similar way.

Besides Facebook, several tech giants like Microsoft and Google are preparing similar devices with AR technology. Facebook is also promoting phone-based augmented reality function with its Spark AR system. And we can anticipate more updates will be in the news soon.

Keep watching this space as we bring you more updates from the Oculus Connect conference!

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