Facebook to Expand its AR ad Formats and Playable

Facebook recently announced that it's expanding its three interaction ad formats, ahead Advertising Week.

First of all, poll ads will be seen at the main feed of Facebook’s mobile app. Secondly, Facebook’s augmented reality ads that has been under test since a long time will move into open beta this fall. Thirdly, payable ads will be available for all the advertisers. Facebook introduced these new formats at a press release on its Business blog.

Mark D’Arcy, vice president of global business marketing and chief creative officer said that the initial playable ads had a literal game mechanics in it, however, the new format will introduce a whole range of different interactions over time.

D’Arcy has acknowledged that these polls, AR in ads and games are not new ideas but they have proven to be heavy experiences in the past. These new formats require a separate microsite. Facebook is bringing these new ad formats front-and-center so that users can get a super scalable, lightweight and fun experience.

The advertisers will get to experiment with these new ad formats as they evolve. According to the Facebook, people will look up to these ad formats in the coming months, however, they will be fundamentally different.

Facebook also commented that the user data will be collected through aggregated results of Facebook polls that will be given to advertisers. The images created by users through AR ad can be saved in their camera roll but it cannot be shared with advertisers.

Facebook Invites People and Businesses to Play

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