Politicians are Free from any Ban from YouTube, Apparently Videos Context is more Important

Recently, CEO Susan Wojcicki has reported that YouTube will not ban the content by politicians on the platform due to its context importance. The CEO further explained during The Atlantic Festival that the content posted by politicians is of significant importance and can be used for awareness.

A similar approach has also been adopted by Twitter, which separates this content by labeling it as “rule-breaking”. The rule-breaking media was only seen during President’s Trump election who often spread misinformation or incite harassment on Twitter. All the academics and journalists have pointed out the fact that Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube don’t take any action against his profile.

Even on YouTube many of Trump’s videos that might harm the society can be found, which led YouTube to face severe criticism. YouTube is currently working on revamping its rules against inappropriate content, which will be soon announced.

Photo: YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki Photo: Noam Galai via Getty Images

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