Elon Musk just warned about the swarms of bots on social media platforms and its something we surely need to take a look at

Elon Musk just took to Twitter to express his aggression towards the advanced AI that could easily poison social media platforms in the coming years. Elon Musk is the world’s 40th wealthiest billionaire with a net worth of 20 billion. He is also known for his pessimistic views on the artificial intelligence. In the past Elon predicted that the usage of AI superintelligence could usually result in human beings going extinct similar to the mountain gorilla. In the past he even requested the government to stop the testing of AI superintelligence because in future it might exceed the biological intelligence which might make humans go extinct the same way like some animals like gorillas, orangutans are now.

Recently, Musk took to Twitter to alarm its followers about the AI risks coming closer to the present day, warning that Artificial Intelligence could result in something bad for humans. According to the post by Elon Musk on Twitter, the advanced AI is not yet manipulating the social media platforms but it is not so far that bots will start manipulating social media platforms, he also stated that the swarms of bots roaming on social media should also be monitored closely.

Well if you take a look at his post, The CEO of Tesla and SpaceX was pretty much unclear about what he meant with advanced AI and the kind of manipulation it might do on social mnetworks but we think that his use of context to refer the evolving armies of bots means that he fears that the AI might make the bot accounts look more convincing to users. We think this post by Musk on Twitter comes from his experience of bot accounts frequently personating as his Twitter account in an attempt to scam the other users who don’t know about his real account.

Elon Musk is also a victim of bot accounts impersonating as him on Twitter and even the top comment appeared under Musk’s tweet was also a fake bot account impersonating as him with same profile picture and Twitter name and also offering the prize to people who visit a website. Another comment on his post down the threat also looks similar to a bot account pretending as Elon Musk but less identical to the top comment.

Elon Musk faced major issues regarding scam accounts pretending as him and in July last year, the scam attacks were so severe that Twitter had to lock all the accounts with the name of Elon Musk just to stop the scam accounts from spreading.

The use of bot accounts of social media platforms is something beyond only scammers pretending to be billionaires but instead, in last year, January Twitter displayed more than 50,000 Russian bot accounts posting content relation to election and also spotted that President Donald Trump even interacted with those bot accounts hundreds of times.


The spread of bot accounts on social media platforms is something that not affects the victim of impersonation but it also affecting all the other people on the platform so these bots need to be evaluated on social media platforms as soon as possible.

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