Facebook to roll out ‘Face Recognition’ privacy feature

Facebook is all set to roll out face recognition feature to all the users but says that it will be ‘off’ by default. The face recognition feature was introduced by the social media giant in December 2017 and was toggled ‘on’ for all the users by default.

Through this feature, Facebook notifies the users if someone uploads their photo – without tagging them and gives users a choice to either tag themselves, stay untagged or report the photo if it seems inappropriate.

The users that don’t already have Face Recognition setting will receive a notification by Facebook in their News Feed. The users will also have the option to turn it ‘on’ from their respective News Feed. Subsequently, the users who don’t see the notice or ignore the provided options will have the feature turned ‘off’ by default until they decide to modify their preferences through the settings menu.

The Face Recognition features will replace the Tag suggestions that allow the users to decide whether their Facebook friends could see a suggestion to tag them in the pictures.

Previously, Facebook has faced a lot of scrutiny and even legal trouble for not making its facial recognition practices transparent. In fact, Mark Zuckerberg’s company lost a federal appeal after the courts found that they collected and stored biometric records of users without their permission.

Seems like Facebook is working hard to prove that they are not sabotaging the user’s data in any way as legal troubles like these can cost the company billions in fines alongside their reputation.
"These changes will be effective globally starting today.", announced Srinivas Narayanan, Applied Research Lead, Facebook AI, in a blog post.
The rollout of the Face Recognition features is expected to be completed over the next several weeks.
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