Job postings of Android developers are increasing at faster than iOS developers: Report

Employers have been showing immense interest in hiring android developers, especially from May 2018 to May 2019. Meanwhile, there has been a drop rate of interest in job seekers to look for a position of a mobile developer, reveals a recent report by Indeed.

According to the report, there have been fewer searches for iOS app developers as compared to Android app developers.

From May 2018 to May 2019, the search fell by 25.61% for iOS developers, whereas it has been 26.34% for Android developers. A decline of job searchers of mobile developer position by the job seekers has been witnessed on job site, reducing by 32.89%.

The reason behind this gap is that developers think web development is a broader market as compare to mobile development. Also, one can easily switch from web development to mobile development. However, switching from mobile development to web development may not be that simple.

Almost half of the website traffic from mobile devices; thus, the trend of responsive websites is growing. Companies are focusing on developing mobile-friendly websites rather than apps.

Furthermore, React Native, Xamarin, and other hybrid frameworks let web developers create simple apps easily. Also, from the consumers’ perspective, a number of apps used on the whole is affected. Many users did not download any app in the defined timeframe, as shown in the study. It mainly because of the responsive websites are filling the gap.

Employers are now showing their interest in hiring mobile app developers, as an increase of 10.61% in Android Developer job posting have been noted in the study. Whereas there has been only a 1.79% increase in iOS developer job posting. On the whole, 4.93% rise in the mobile developer job posting has been seen on different platforms.

Another insight mentioned in the report was the growing demand for Kotlin programmers (89.41%). One primary reason behind it could be that it is easy to learn and use. It is one of the most-loved languages, on 4th position, as per the 2019 Stack Overflow survey.

Besides, Google declared it as the most preferred language for Android app development. The tech giant announced that Jetpack APIs and many other new features would be first introduced in Kotlin. Therefore, new projects should be written in Kotlin, as it requires less code to type, test, and maintain.

The report has given the aspiring programmers well enough reasons to take up the opportunity and market themselves as Android developers. Not only because the competition is low, but also employers are developing more interest in hiring them.

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