In the coming years, text messages may top all other modes of digital Interaction

Every passing second a new technology is introduced that makes the users’ rely more on digital devices than ever. We are living in the era of tech where users prefer socializing through digital platforms as compared to real-life interactions. Although the social networks helped users to create their own unique spaces and to have access to multiple opportunities but these social media platforms still fail to secure user personal information. Over the past years, majority of the social media platforms have been facing scandals related to violation of user privacy which resulted in users lacking their trust.

A new report by Pew Research to detect the most popular form of Digital Interaction with a promising future

All of the social media platforms try to engage their users by providing direct communication services and the reason behind it is the trust of people more direct communication as compared to posts on social platforms.

A recent report by Pew Research shows that Messaging is considered to be the most famous form of digital interaction especially in the developing countries. If you take a look at the report by Pew Research Center, you’ll see that all the emerging nations tend to move more towards direct messaging as compared to social media postings.

Majority of the users have selective data plans, and the data restrictions can limit the usage of social media platforms for these users. Although a number of people still take pictures and videos on daily basis and send it via message but if you think social media postings will be the future of digital interactions than this report might change your mind.

If you take a look at the graph by Pew Research, in the western markets the majority of users rely more on text messaging as compared to another form of digital interactions. The messaging apps top all other social networking tools and app according to the report.

In Emerging Economies, Smartphone and Social Media Users Have Broader Social Networks

The ability to post your thoughts on social platforms is good to influence others but when a majority of people support you there will also be a number of people against you. So, the capacity to share your thoughts to be heard can be very helpful in so many ways but it can also make you a victim of cyberbullying various sorts of harassment.

In the past, celebrities, business leaders and so many political leads have been caught for sharing controversial and offensive posts on their social channels and this might be the reason why people now tend to prefer text messages more as compared to social media posts.

The public postings can result in troubles for people so now the majority of the users are switching to private groups or messaging apps.

Similarly, the privacy threats due to public postings are making users rely more on text messages and this flow can be seen in the emerging markets. The trust of users in direct messaging apps will result in a more increased focus on messaging apps in the coming years.

For any brands, to engage a variety of audience the new platform should be through messaging as it is most likely expected to become a trend in the upcoming years. Tools like chatbots and messaging apps like WhatsApp can become the most popular mode of direct digital interactions in the coming years.

Bottom Line

Technology is evolving every passing second, users trust platforms with secure personal information more as compared to others. So, the direct communication messaging apps can become the most trending means of digital interaction in the following years.

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