Facebook contractors are again caught violating user privacy with its Portal voice commands

Facebook is letting its contractors listen to voice commands of Portal devices and this is something to be worried about. Facebook was previously accused of selling user personal information to marketers and now again accused of letting its contractors listen to user voice notes to review Messenger and also to review Portal devices workings.

The contractors of Facebook are again in the radar by listening to voice commands of users. Apparently, Facebook may have put a stop on its employees reviewing Messenger voice chat in August but we think it was not only the privacy breach Facebook was doing. Recently, it was informed to Bloomberg that the contractors of Facebook will start reviewing Portal device voice commands again after it paused the reviewing process due to the ongoing scandal of Facebook’s Messenger reviews.

Facebook will be resuming its reviewing process again with more transparency and control as compared to the past. Now users will have control over the device to whether allow sharing of audio with Facebook or not. With the updated policies, now users will an option to completely turn off sharing of their voice notes to Facebook.

This new option of data sharing will appear as a software update for Portal devices in October and according to the reports, the Messenger reviewing process is separate and still not resumed yet.

This new addition of feature is something we all needed in our life. This new feature is for privacy savvy people like us who don’t feel like sharing personal information to Facebook contractors so with this option users will have more control over the commands they want to share to other people or not. For some users, this new feature might not be as thrilling as for others, due to its opt-out feature some people may want to share information but what they don’t know is that they might end up sharing more information than needed.


Facebook is one of the largest platforms with millions of users from all over the world. Nowadays people rely on digital devices more as compared to the past so Portal devices are no doubt making the lives of its users easy by doing the majority of the tasks but these digital devices can also become a source of violation of user privacy. The third parties can easily listen to the voice commands of users of Portal devices. Facebook has always been surrounded by scandals due to antitrust investigations or spread of misinformation on the platform and this new opt-out feature soon to be launched in Portal devices is an attempt to not let Facebook again a source that violates user privacy. So this new feature in Portal devices is something we all have been waiting for years, with this new feature users can easily stop sharing of voice commands and not let any of the contractors of Facebook to listen and review any of the users commands.

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