AI used to make 100,000 free headshots, Stock photo companies on notice

Nowadays, it is easier to use AI to generate fake, but convincing-looking pictures of people. One company has come forward to provide 100,000 of these photos to anyone who wants to use it – royalty free. Among these photos, many look fake, whereas, others are difficult to distinguish from images that are licensed by the stock photo companies.

Konstantin Zhabinskiy is listed as the creator on the project’s Product Hunt page, who is Icons8 product designer. Icons8 is a designer marketplace where photographs and icons are created. The AI images that are produced by the company are used for multiple functions including for mobile apps, presentations and much more. The photos are free to use with attribution back to

Many AI projects have been seen in the past year that produces fake AI generated faces. is an example of any such project producing an infinite series of headshots. The photos found on comes in different ethnicity, age, etc. and are consistently sized so that they can be used by the designers.

These faces are not real

Zhabinskiy said that the project is in its early stages right now and some of the faces might seem a bit off. However, the team has big hopes to produce simple API that can help designers to generate new photos by taking variety of inputs. This way, the designers will not have to wait for model releases or copyright to get photo-realistic images.

Zhabinskiy have ensured that the AI used in this project is trained using data shot-in house rather than scrapping pictures from the Internet. As per Icons8 blog post, thousands of hours have been invested in this project but it will definitely be worth it.

Such technology have been a target of criticism due to the ability to produce convincing-looking images. Although this software is a blessing for designers, however, it can be used for all kinds of malicious activities in the future.

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