YouTube Is Making Their Original Content Completely Free for Everyone

YouTube is famous for its original content that is entertaining and attention-grabbing. However, a few years back, YouTube decided to launch a YouTube premium that was completely dedicated to their paid subscribers. In short, apart from free videos that most of the users were familiar with, YouTube stars started making various original series and small budget movies that were exclusive for people who were ready to pay. However, starting this year, YouTube dramatically announced that they have decided that all the viewers will be able to view the original content without any discrimination. In short, paying just to watch some of the YouTube original content was limiting the audience and creating discrimination between the audience and to cater to this problem.

YouTube has finally provided a date according to which, by 24th September 2019, all viewers will be able to watch the original content from YouTube without any subscription fee. The question arises that what are perks that YouTube provides to their premium subscribers if they are making all the original content available to all the viewers. YouTube is thinking of providing quick access to all their premium subscribers which means that the paid subscriber will not have to sit through the ads and they will also have direct access to all the latest episodes of the new season. Moreover, these paid subscribers will also have access to the direct cut and bonus scenes whenever they are amid available. In short, although unpaid viewers will be able to save $12 every month but they will still not be able to enjoy the latest episodes unless they are made public.

Moreover, to compensate for the $12 that premium subscribers are required to pay, YouTube has launched a bunch of new and exclusive features just for their paid subscribers. For paid consumers, there will be a small tab with recommended downloads that will make the YouTube search easier for the paid subscribers and they can enjoy better content and find interesting content to download. Android users will be able to download 500 songs from their favorite playlist whereas, the users will now switch between the songs and video with just one tap. In short, by YouTube is trying hard to retain their aid customers while providing an equal opportunity to all their viewers.

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