YouTube Is Going To Beta Test Members Exclusive Videos For Creators

It may sound bad to the general audience but YouTube has started to implement its plans for Membership feature, according to the reports the company will soon allow creators and publishers to offer member only videos - that can only be accessed if you have paid for the subscriptions of supported channels.

YouTube rolled out with Memberships in June 2018 and ever since then they only expanded the capability of channels that joined the bandwagon with 50,000 subscribers already becoming a part of it in September.

However, if anything to go by Digiday is true, then this move of membership exclusive videos has been inspired by Facebook’s test of selling subscriptions for SVOD services. As the subscription services have a sizable audience on YouTube now, therefore this feature will serve to be trick to promote Memberships on a bigger scale.

To get a better perspective of how it will happen, the YouTube Help Center explains; the members bound videos will show up on YouTube's home page like any other normal video but it would contain a label to inform users that it can only be viewed if you are a member of the channel, along with more brief on “how to sign up”.

And that’s not all. YouTube will also expand the pricing tiers for Memberships - ranging from 99 cents to $50 a month. This aims to ensure that publishers could set up the price according to their requirements while keeping in mind that 30% cut of all subscription revenues will go to YouTube itself.

Prior to this, the platform has also partnered up with merch manufacturer Teespring and later introduced more monetization features like Shelves - that will let creators put decks of channel merchandise right underneath their videos.

For now these revenue opportunities are open to creators who are part of the YouTube Partner Program and while Memberships is only in beta phase, you can also expect more major favorable and unfavorable features in times to come.

Photo: puhhha via Getty Images

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