Getting views on stories from accounts that don’t follow you? You’re not alone

We all want more followers, likes, and views on our profile and posts. Sometimes we see comments and likes from unknown people and find it inspiring that our posts getting viral. People upload different sort of stories on their profile just to engage the followers.

In recent months, the majority of Instagram users noticed a variety of strangers watching their Stories. Does that mean they are getting viral? Or is it something else?

The response of Instagram regarding the latest issue

According to Instagram, this is a new strategy used by bad actors and the company is working on tools to prevent it. A huge number of Instagram users complained regarding similar issues of profiles of models watching their stories in the last couple of months. No, it doesn’t mean you’re being a part of any disinformation campaign but your sense to smell a fake is right.

Instagram stated this issue and announced that it is currently working on a fix. According to Instagram, this inauthentic activity is not related to any fake news campaign but instead, it is a new hacking trick which accounts pay third parties to boost their profile with fake likes, followers and even comments. It is a new strategy to watch Instagram stories of people with no real interest just with the hope that some of them will find their accounts real and give more real followers.

Some of these growth hackers have tons of phones set up just to watch Instagram stories without actually watching it. The huge viewing of Instagram stories is a new way to buy followers. Some small social media marketing agencies are using this new technique to fake interactions with the public. This is indeed a fake and unprofessional way to build a community.

Instagram stated that it will be cracking down all these types of agencies and the accounts using these strategies. The core purpose of the team of Instagram is to build a safe and secure community for its users and it’s working on new tools to help eliminate this latest inauthentic activity. In the following months, Instagram will be focusing on removing such type of activities especially from Stories but there’s no official announced about its workings.

Bottom Line

Every user on social media wants to get more engagement on the Stories, but this new Growth hacking strategy is making every user worried about their privacy. The only way to survive this layer of false activity is by making your profile private until Instagram confirms that it cleared the platform from such activities.

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