YouTube’s Super Chat Rolls Out to 19 More Countries

One of the biggest reasons why YouTube has managed to become the video streaming powerhouse that it currently is has to do with the various content creators that call this platform their home. These content creators have a tendency to draw in audiences and create entire followings based on YouTube alone, and the great thing about this is that it has allowed communities to form centering around this act of content creation.

One important thing that you need to realize is that live streamers have now become a big part of YouTube. With platforms like Twitch snatching coveted content creators away from YouTube, the video streaming platform needed to do something in order to keep up and it turns out that what it did was create YouTube Gaming, which has since been merged into the main platform.

This indicated a renewed focus on live streaming, and making YouTube a place where live streamers would be able to connect with an audience and receive adequate financial compensation for the work that they are trying to do. One feature that YouTube absolutely needed to add for live streamers to actually want to come to the platform is that it needed to facilitate people watching live streams sending cash to their streamers as a form of a reward or a tip for the content that they are currently creating.

This feature came in the form of Super Chat, and up until recently it was available to users in 41 countries. Now, however, the feature is available to users in 60 countries, with YouTube adding 19 more countries to the list, including Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Luxembourg, Panama, Romania and South Africa.

In order to avail the Super Chat feature, you need to basically look into getting a YouTube premium subscription. There is a limit of $500 that you can spend per day, and the weekly limit is $2000 so if you have lots of streamers that you want to hand out tips and cash to you should ration accordingly.

Photo: Sean Gallup / Getty Images

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